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Popular Resume Writing Resources Available Online
Writing a resume can sometimes be a pain as it is often the first impression an employer receives about you. Thus there is pressure to make sure that the resume be very calculated, accurate and well presented because simple errors on it could easily cost you a once in a lifetime opportunity. After knowing how to avoid making mistakes, knowing what to put and where to place it on the paper is also important. The design, layout, and format of the paper itself are also as essential as the contents. And when everything is done, the whole process may even still include having to create different versions of the resume, to tailor it to other specific career areas.

This is why it is important to know at least a couple of resume writing resources. These support items can help an applicant create an awesome resume that an employer will definitely find very difficult to reject.

Check out this list of helpful resume writing resources online:

1. When Starting from Scratch:

  • Resume Tutors by different Universities – these pages provide a step-by-step aid to writing a resume that is made to tailor fit your strengths and your experiences. Simply browse the University’s website and you’ll easily locate it, usually under “career/resources”.
  • Google Docs’ Resume Templates – provide resume templates which are readily available online, free of charge and can be synced across your devices through the internet. What makes it really cool is that there is no need to install this tool to your PC, unlike the Microsoft Office’s Resume Templates.
  • Microsoft Office’s Resume Templates – provide resume templates which are readily available for use. Simply import it to Word, and start filling out the blanks of the template!

2. When Sifting & Polishing

  • Resume Action Verbs Provider – when you are having trouble finding proper and inviting verbs to describe what you do, there are several websites that can help you. For example, you can check CV Word Checker,, or Jobscan Blog among others.
  • LearnVest – perfect for job hoppers, or those whose college degree is not relevant the position sought for. It offers advice on how to fix these potential red flags.
  • Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Checker – perfect for people with English as the second language only. Websites like Grammarly, GingerSoftware, and Language Tool are among the most popular.
  • Professional Resume Editors – best consulted when polishing and finalizing your resume. This is because finding errors and mistakes are always best judged from an objective viewpoint of another person other than yourself.

3. When Wanting to Take It Up a Notch

  • Professional CV Writers – provide other aids aside from resume writing tips such as preparing cover letters, follow-up notes, ongoing support and even as far as interview coaching
  • Professional Resume Designers – helps designing an already finalized resume such as choosing proper layouts and fonts. Most are also capable of creating modern resumes or turning a plain resume to a creative one.

Creative resumes can include:

  • a) Visual Resume / CV With Graphics
  • b) Infographic Style
  • c) Tri-fold Resume & Portfolio Style
  • d) SlideShare PowerPoint Style Resumes

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