Best Interview Tips


Best Interview Tips for First-Time Job Seekers

Being nervous is quite normal. I mean hey, this is your first time to apply for a job. But being a first-timer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do great in your interview. You can sound like a pro if you just know what to say.

You’ve already had experience with competition in school; use this training to survive the competitive landscape of job application. Yes, it can be challenging and overwhelming. But it’s time to pay the tab -welcome to the REAL world!

Here are a few interview tips that can increase your chances of getting hired:

  • Be prepared. We all know that this is the key to success! Back in school, you ace your examinations and reports if you spend ample time preparing for them. It’s pretty much the same thing for job applications. If you prepare your cover letter and resume well, you’ll surely get an interview. And if you prepare for your interview, you’ll grab the job. Since you’re a fresh graduate, you need to show your potential employer that you’ve done your homework. Go out of your way and find out as much as you can about the company that you’re applying to.
  • Draft stories. Factual data is important for any job application. But you can make it even more convincing if you have a story to back up your achievements. Make your stories interesting and to the point. Tell them with confidence but don’t forget to be professional. Also, avoid sounding scripted!
  • Do not oversell yourself. Being enthusiastic and confident in an interview can help you. However, don’t forget that you’re still applying for the job and you have to sound professional at all times. Employers are aware that there are candidates who want to get the position, and some can exaggerate their skills and experiences just to do it. Don’t be one of these people. If you plan to say something, make sure you have solid proof for it.
  • Highlight your potential. We’ve all heard of the saying ‘nobody’s perfect’ – and it’s true. But during an interview, don’t give your interviewer the chance to think it. Focus on your potential and talk about your strengths. Employers like hearing how you can benefit their company instead of the other way around. If you don’t have experience or a relevant achievement to the job, emphasize your quick learning and adapting skills. It will make you interviewer confident to hire you.

Being a fresh graduate can make you feel insecure or incompetent. But remember that, we all have something unique to offer. Just focus on your uniqueness and use it to impress your interviewer. After all, having years of experience under your belt is not the only thing that employers are looking for in candidates today. Sometimes, fresh talents and ideas are just what a company needs. You just have to show them that YOU are what they need to succeed.

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