Best Job Interview Questions to Hire the Right Candidate


Interviewers also get butterflies in their stomach when formulating questions for their interviewees. Hiring the right person is crucial to any company and if they make a mistake in this task, it will be their ‘heads on the plate.’ It’s true that people often get hired because of their skills, but there is no way for an interviewer to prove these yet until they start working for the company.

One of the best ways to hire the right candidate is to ask the right questions during the interview. It will help you get a clear idea of a person’s personality and even gauge his or her skills. There was a time that hiring managers used brain teasers like ‘How lucky are you and why?’ during interviews. However, studies have shown that they don’t do much help in identifying the best candidate. But this shouldn’t stop you from getting creative; just focus your questions on getting answers that will reveal the real persona of the interviewee.

Top 5 Interview Questions and Why You Should Ask Them

  •    Was there a time that you set difficult goals for yourself? How did you achieve them? These questions will help you determine if the person is goal-oriented and results-driven. If he or she can handle the tasks that come with the position at hand without sacrificing the company’s work quality.
  •    If I was a customer, how will you pitch the company’s product to me? Asking this question will determine how much research the interviewee has done about the company. It will help you gauge how interested he or she is in getting the job.
  •    How was your relationship with your co-workers in the past? Can you please describe the best and worst ones? The answers to these questions will help you determine whether the person will be happy and productive in your team. Will he or she get along well with the other members? Asking these will give you the answer and an idea on how he or she interacts with others in the workplace.
  •    What is your most significant accomplishment in your career? The answer to this question will tell you not only about his or her prior success but also about the person’s sense of ownership. An excellent reply to this interview question would be something that exhibits confidence and professionalism at work while being humble and giving credit to others when it’s due.
  •    What’s your definition of hard work? The interviewee’s answer can help you determine if he or she will be able to keep pace with the rest of your team. It will also help you identify if he or she is just pretending to be hardworking or if the person is willing to get his or her hands dirty. Some people’s talents are wasted on ‘slow-moving’ organizations; if you listen challenging to your interviewees, you might find a gem that can do wonders for your company.

You can ask more questions to find the right candidate for your team; just keep in mind that there are no right and wrong answers. However, a person’s personality and communication style are crucial for the benefit of your company.

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