Anita is true professional resume writer!! I took a chance searching through endless resume writing services and knew Career Ladders, Inc. was a good deal. Like I tell my people, “always invest in yourself”. With Anita and the resume service you get will be the best investment that will pay dividends for years. I hired Anita after I completed my degree and had over a 17 years of military and federal law enforcement experience. BEST DECISION!! First application Anita provided me was submitted to a premier federal law enforcement agency. Within two (2) days HR contacted me to schedule my exam. Record time for any application!! Since then I have shared my success with three other colleagues who have had the same success! Hiring Anita is an investment in yourself. How long can you afford not to market yourself? Go Career Ladders, Inc.!!!


Career Ladder Inc delivers quality products. I worked with Anita and she took considerable time to get to know me personally in order to craft a quality professional federal resume. I had toiled for more than two years on USA Jobs with zero results. After working with Anita in four months I had four interviews that included the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration (SSA), and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Not only did I have an interview, I had options. I selected a postion with the EEOC.
Anita took the time in reviewing my prior evaluations, awards, community involvement, education, and workforce knowledge,skills and abilities. She tailored my resume for the types of positions I was seeking employment opportunities. She incorporated the key words so the computer programs and Human Resource Managers would key on my resume. The pre-job interview training was very helpful and Anitia takes the time to check in with her clients. Career Ladders is a very warm and friendly environment to work the job searching streets with.The work products are so professional that my spouse is also working with Career Ladders Inc. Thank you for taking the time to read.



It was such a pleasure to meet Anita Radosevich to write my federal resume. It’s been more than eighteen (18) months I was looking for jobs, but I couldn’t get any of them because my resume was really poor. When I was recommended to Anita Radosevich, who has written me a professional Federal resume and prepared me for the interview. I’m really grateful for her professional skill and would highly recommended her to anyone who needs a truly qualified resume writer.

Zinsou Felicien Affoogo, Engineer


God has blessed me to meet with a teacher, writer, and friend of inspiration. Mrs. Anita has been that positivity in my life. During my departure from active duty I knew I need to get a job. The resume that I create was not getting the results that I was looking for, so I searched for a premier resume writer with results. Mrs. Anita has been just that; every morning I am very happy to get up and go to work. Thank you, Mrs. Anita, from the heart

Nathan J.


I had literally been searching and applying for a high level positions for 6 years with NO! success. I had the leadership, education and the skill sets but I didn’t have the knowledge to get noticed in the competitive job market. She immediately identified a key thing that I was unknowingly doing to make myself non-competitive. I simply didn’t know and it caused me many years of frustration and missed job opportunities. She taught me how to compete for the top level jobs, she prepared an amazing resume for me, and she provided interview coaching, with Mrs. Anita’s services I was immediately hired for my dream job making 6 figures!! I invested in myself by utilizing her services and look at the return on my investment. It was the best decision I ever made in terms of my career. I wish I would have done this earlier so please learn from my mistakes and get her services NOW! She’ll take you from zero to hero. She delivers! Thank you! Mrs. Anita and Career Ladders Inc.

J. S.


I have been working with Anita (Career Ladders Inc. Inc since 2002)…

I have been working with Anita (Career Ladders Inc.) for over a decade. I would recommend Career Ladders Inc. to all. I am an engineer and I can not write a resume like Anita. Anita’s services are worth every penny. She will work with you untill you get a job and then some.

M. Kulak, Engineer, New York, NY


It had been 15 years since I updated my…

It had been 15 years since I updated my resume. I was very impressed in how Anita was able to pull information out of me that I hadn’t thought about it for years. I was also impressed with her abillity to understand my business. I gave her no time limit for the job and she still finished in a timely manner. I have submitted my Resume and am now waiting for a call. At least I feel comfortable with what I have submitted. Thank you

D. Duncan


There are many resume writing services…

There are many resume writing services on the Internet, but very few know how to write specifically for federal government employment, a process much different than writing a typical private business resume. I chose this service because of their expertise in this style of writing. When I received my resume, I was not disappointed. They are not cheap, but I have used cheaper resume services, and got what I paid for. This service is definitely worth it . The results were great.. Highly recommend.

F. Flores


Thank you very much for your hard work…

Thank you very much for all the work that you put into my resume. I know that your efforts were a primary factor in all the doors that have opened up to me. Again Thank You. Very Much!

R. Diamond


They can conduct an interview over SKYPE…

They can conduct an interview over SKYPE. I looked for a Resume Writer for over 2 weeks, so I can have my Resume done before going back to U.S.A. Some were located in Europe, other provided good prices but they did not have good customer service. Career Ladders Inc. Inc. offered me a payment plan (no extra fees) I always wanted to meet with the writer in person, but of course here in Afghanistan was impossible to find someone. So I contacted Career Ladders Inc. they offered me to meet over skype. It was great experience.

R. Hernan