Cover Letter Writing Tips


Cover Letter Writing Tips That Will Get You Hired

One of the biggest struggles that people who are looking for a job or switching careers is writing the perfect cover letter. What do you need to include and eliminate when writing one, anyway? Does anyone know? Of course, there are cover letter experts who are trained to do this job perfectly. But what if you can’t afford to pay their service?

Okay, don’t panic – this article may help you. First, you have to remember that your cover letter is just a part of your application. Don’t think that writing a good one is enough to land you your dream job. However, writing a strong one can get your potential employer to consider your resume or even schedule an interview with you.

Your cover letter is usually the first thing that employers see when they look at your application. Write it well, and it can do marvelous things for your job search. Use it as a chance to communicate information that doesn’t have a place in your resume. Your cover letter is the perfect ‘place’ to show your potential employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Things to Consider When Writing Your Cover Letter

Highlight your strengths. Your cover letter should show your potential employer the benefits of hiring you – show them how you can be an asset. For example, if you’re applying in a company that values customer care and deadline, highlight your qualities that are related to these things. Write about your experience in resolving customer complaints and handling escalated client projects. Your cover letter should showcase the benefits that the company will get from you.

Focus on their requirements. Read the company’s job posting then read it again. It will help you focus on their ‘pain points.’ If the previous employee was weak in project management or customer service, surely these will be the focus of their job posting. Learn the things that are important to the company and give examples of how you can address them as an employee.

Personalize your cover letter. Some of the greatest resumes include personal reasons for showing interest in the job post. Giving your cover letter or resume a ‘personal touch’ shows the employer that you are personally willing to invest in the position. It shows them that it is important to you and you’re not just applying for the sake of getting a job. Personalizing your application is a bit of a challenge, but employers do appreciate the extra effort. In a time when everyone is submitting electronic resumes and cover letters, a customized one can speak volumes and ‘stand out from the crowd.’

Use these tips to write a powerful cover letter that may help you land your dream job. If you’re still having difficulty though, consider getting the help of an expert. After all, the sum you pay for their services is just a small fee compared to what you can get from it in return.

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