Job Apps Online for a Successful Job Search


With the help of technology, you can now open doors of job opportunities with only one click. All you need is a stable internet connection, a smart device, and the right apps and your dream job is just at the tip of your fingers!

There are numerous job search apps available today that can help you switch careers or jumpstart your way to success. You can use them to search for a suitable opportunity at any time of the day and wherever you are. Don’t worry about paying for anything; these apps are FREE!

Top 5 Free Job Apps That People Use Today

  •    CityHour – this job search app enables job seekers like you to set up an informal meeting with industry professionals and learn about their career experiences. It eliminates the awkward phase of ‘asking’ and immediately connects you to anyone in a 50-mile radius who’s ready for in-person meetings. CityHour syncs to your LinkedIn account and automatically notes the appointment on your phone’s calendar once the meeting place is final.
  •    Jobaware – by using this app you can sync all your job-search activities and incorporate your LinkedIn profile. It will help you keep an eye on your progress, compare job openings in different places, search for specific companies, and even check their salary offer. Jobaware also lets you take advantage of various learning resources that can help you find the job of your dreams.
  •    JobCompass – this job search app is beneficial in finding opportunities that are near your place. By using your smart device’s GPS, it will look for all the possible job positions for you in your area. After all, location is one of the most important factors that people consider when choosing work. JobCompass also has a mobile number that you can text to get assistance with your job search activity. If relocating to another area is what you want, this app is convenient in finding a new job there. Once you find a posting that you like, simply email it to yourself or apply directly through the app.
  •    LinkUp Job Search Engine – searching for a job through open job boards puts you at the risk of applying for a fake one. With this app, you can have peace of mind when looking for work because it directly pulls listings from company websites. LinkUp always provides current and legitimate job postings that you can save and revisit at a later time. It also lets you opt to receive alerts whenever a job that may interest you is posted.
  •    Simply Hired – this app scrapes job postings from an extensive source online including job boards and company websites. From here, you can set up your profile to receive email alerts for new listings. The app will base it from the previous job searches that you’ve conducted. If you subscribe to a specific job category that you like, you can minimize your chances of missing an opportunity in the future.

Although we have job search apps to help us, job coaches recommend that we look for jobs the ‘old-fashioned’ way on top of sending applications online. According to hiring managers, applicants who make the extra effort to apply personally are often preferred.

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