Ways to Write A Resume


Popular Ways to Write A Resume to Help You Land that Dream Job!

A resume has to have a wow-factor just like any ad or flyer. This is because like marketing products, you’re actually selling yourself through these papers and providing selling points to attract takers. They say it’s all about “presentation!” and as such, the resume has to be written in different approaches in order to attract different kinds of market. The good news is, there are now several types of resumes that you can take on depending on what type of job you’re applying for.

Ways of Writing and Presenting Resumes

Here are the most popular types of resumes. They will be discussed here briefly, and there will also be recommendations as to which format will work best for you.


The chronological resume is the most commonly used and most popular style of presenting a resume. This type creates a list of your work history in reverse chronological order. You start to discuss the most recent position first and then continue with all the other jobs that preceded them until you reach the earliest.

Use this resume if you are applying for a higher position or a job that is highly related to the previous job you worked with. It is also perfect if you have a solid work history.

This type is not fit for those who just graduated and are just about to start their careers. Nor is it helpful for those who are applying to switch from one entirely different field to another. Also, avoid this type if you have glaring and lengthy lapses between employments.


A functional resume highlights one’s professional skills and accomplishments. It is presented in such a way that the when and where details are deliberately set aside so that the focus is directed to your abilities and the useful skills you’ve acquired through experience.

This is perfect for college graduates who are quite new to the workforce and have very limited work experience. You can also use this to avoid turning off the employer if you are a frequent job hopper or have glaring lapses in employment.
This works too if you’ve had several career transitions that can suggest the absence of a clear career path.

Avoid this style if you want to up your chances of getting accepted for high-level positions as this will fail to highlight your development over time.


Targeted resumes are customized in detail in order to specifically highlight the experience and skills you possess, which are highly relevant to the job you are applying for. The particularly picked out details provided in your objectives, skills and even educational background must be tailored to the job position you want.

This resume is perfect for task-based jobs, as you will be asked to have a specific set of skills for a pretty uniform task. It will also help impress the employer when there is tough competition, and there are numerous applicants as it will be easier to identify the needed skills and easier to compare you with other candidates.

Don’t take on this resume if you are quite in a rush producing one since this can be very time-consuming. Avoid this too if you cannot be accurate as to the details of the career highlights, so you don’t appear like you’re unnecessarily padding up your resume.

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