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Getting a job interview takes a lot of hard work, but getting a job offer takes even more. You need to have persistence and an effective strategy to go with your luck. Not having a solid plan in place is as good as watching your dream job go down the drain.

At Career Ladders Inc., we help you accelerate your job search and take you one step closer to your dreams. You need all the help that you can get to survive in today’s highly competitive job market.


Job Search Management

Service that Gets You Hired

Our staff works tirelessly to help job seekers like you find the job that fits your skill set in a quick and convenient manner. Our job search management service is only $100 per hour, and it can help you move past the obstacles and build a new career in no time.

We have over 15 years of experience in assisting people with their transitional growth and career advancement. Through our full suite of career coaching services, you can improve and expand your network of job opportunities. We will help you write compelling resumes and cover letters that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Our job search coaches can help you position yourself for the job that you want. We will make sure that you get hired for a job that highlights your strengths instead of your weaknesses. We will teach you timeless techniques for researching and evaluating jobs like a pro. We will work with you until you get a job that makes you happy.

Roles of a

Job Search Manager

Your career has a big impact on your life because a job is not just a job – it can be a source of happiness and confidence too. It serves as space where you can grow, develop and find your purpose as an individual. Unfortunately, your career path isn’t always clear. It has roadblocks that you can overcome with the help of a job coach.

The roles and responsibilities of our job search managers include helping you go through life’s challenges, guiding you to the right career path, providing support through professional insight and overcoming career dilemmas along the way. Their main goal is to help you strengthen your skills so that you can advance your career in your desired direction.

Our job coaches are certified to play the role of a mentor, motivator, confidence-builder, and goal-setter. They don’t just tell you how to do something, they also clearly explain why certain actions are beneficial to your career. They will help you identify professional opportunities and develop personalized strategies to increase your chances of getting hired.

Who Needs

Job Search Coaching Services


A job search coaching service is designed to assist eligible candidates to find the right job. Anyone can benefit from this service – from newly graduates individuals to professionals seeking to change their careers. Yes, even people who are currently employed can benefit from the services of a job search coach.

According to an article published by Forbes, there are around 11.8 million individuals who are unemployed in the United States and there are likely millions who have jobs but are unhappy with it. At Career Ladders Inc., we help people not only with their job searching problems but also with their career transition and development.

Our personalized approach is composed of two distinct tracks which are coaching and counseling. We provide them with useful tools such as cover letters and resumes, but at the same time, we also help them make informed career decisions. We also encourage our clients to develop their self-confidence which is essential for networking – the part of the job search that many people tend to overlook.

Land the job that you’ve always wanted by empowering your cover letter, resume and network. You have to take your strategies to the next level, or you’ll always be left wondering why. WE CAN HELP. Just call 888-247-3786.