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Telephone Interview Preparation

– – How to Ace Your Phone Interview

Phone interviews are just as important as face-to-face interviews. You should treat them seriously and properly prepare yourself before your interviewer calls. The key is to practice, practice, practice. With their expertise, knowledge, and skills, our career experts can teach you how to handle phone interviews and help you get a second interview with your prospective employer. At Career Ladders Inc., our number one goal is to get you hired!

Phone Interview Tips

to Get You Hired

Due to the increasingly busy digital world today, many job interviews are held on the phone rather than in person. There are a number of reasons why employers do this, and one of them is saving on their time and resources. To make sure that your name is not crossed out from the list of your prospective employer, follow the phone interview tips below:

  • Treat it seriously – even if you’re not going to see your interviewer in person, don’t forget that this is still an interview. Take it seriously and be ready. You have to be well-rested and groomed. If the interview takes place early in the morning, get up at least an hour ahead to get your vocal cords warmed up. Eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, take a shower and don’t forget to smile.
  • Focus and remove all possible distractions in your surrounding – find a good, quiet spot in your home and have all the necessary documents ready. Sit straight, turn off your television and focus on the questions that the interviewer will ask.
  • Research about the company you are applying for – a little goes a long way. Knowing the essential details about the company can help you tailor your answers to their interview questions. Your goal here is to be the perfect candidate, and you can do that by simply satisfying the interviewer with your answers.
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer – remember to listen and don’t dominate the conversation. Let the interviewer guide the conversation. Answer the questions being asked, but don’t turn it into your personal monolog.
  • Be concise – talk at a pace that your interviewer will understand. Be thorough and carefully think about your answers. Don’t forget to breathe during your interview; this will allow you to clearly enunciate your words.

How to Handle

Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Just like in-person interviews, you don’t get the chance to re-read or re-formulate your answers in a phone interview. You will never get a second chance at making a good impression if you fail the first time. So you have to be prepared and give it your best shot.

Career experts at Career Ladders Inc. suggest that you research all the possible questions and formulate an answer for each in advance. Being familiarized with the questions can help you provide confident answers. Phone interview questions are similar to the questions you encounter during any other job interview – they can be about yourself, your background and what you know about their company.

But aside from these common topics, you may also be asked tough questions such as something related to your ex-employer, weaknesses or career goals. So you have to be prepared for anything. Also, write down any question that you may have for the interviewer. They usually ask at the end of the conversation if there’s anything that you would like to ask. Try to come up with smart questions that show your enthusiasm to get the job.

What to Wear to a

Telephone Interview

Just like going to an in-person interview, you have to dress professionally for a phone interview – especially if it’s a video call. At Career Ladders Inc., we believe that to get the part; you have to dress the part. Properly dressing for an interview can help improve your mood, attitude, and ideas during the call.

Choosing the right outfit to wear can boost your self-confidence and help you perform better. The most important tip is to go for something appropriate and comfortable. Choose something that helps you adopt the mindset of an employee – think and dress like you’re already hired!

Always treat phone interviews seriously. Before the interview, prepare everything you need such as your resume and cover letter. Also, use a high-quality phone to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. Better yet, get the services of a professional and call us today at 888-247-3786.