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– Virtually Learning How to Land the ‘Big Job’

interview coaching online

Getting ahead of the competition is one of the many challenges that you have to face as a job seeker. Out of the thousands of applicants, you have to prove to your prospective employer that you are the best candidate. At Career Ladders Inc., we can help you achieve your career goals through video tutorials and virtual interview practice software. We also offer a full suite of career coaching services, check out our website now.

Online Job Interview Preparation


An online job interview is similar to an in-person interview. The only obvious difference is that you won’t be personally facing your interviewer. Nonetheless, you have to take it seriously if you want to get hired. Keep the following information in mind:

  • Use the best piece of technology that you own for the interview. If you have multiple devices available such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone, choose the one you are most comfortable with. It has to be reliable, and you should be an expert in navigating it.
  • Test out your devices. Make sure that everything is working before the interview – internet connection, microphone, camera and the application that will be used for the interview.
  • Determine the proper location for the interview. Choose a spot in your home that has adequate lighting and a simple background. Stay in a secluded area where there is no distraction and noise.
  • Conduct a mock interview. Ask anyone, a family member, friend or colleague, to do a mock interview with you. It will give you the chance to practice your interviewing skills and come up with better answers to possible interview questions.
  • Dress appropriately. Choose an outfit that is professional, but not overwhelming. Make sure that you are properly groomed on the day of the interview – eat a hearty meal, take a shower and brush your teeth.
  • Take a second before answering and try to sound conversational. Relax. Breathe. Take time to contemplate the questions and collect your thoughts so you can give the best answers. Speak in a voice like you would in an in-person interview and remember, never talk over the interviewer.

Tools That You Can Use for Your

Online Job Interview Practice

Always remember that the interview is your only chance to prove to your prospective employer that you are the best candidate. Once you get to this stage, you have to put your best foot forward. You have to practice and use all the available resources to help you ace your interview.

If you don’t have anyone to practice your future interview with, do it on your own. You can face the mirror to see how you’d look like when answering the questions. Avoid making too many hand gestures and watch your facial expressions.

You can also build your skills online. Ask for the help of a professional by contacting Career Ladders Inc. today. Aside from our video tutorials, we also have software to record your mock interviews as a practice run for the real thing. We are equipped with mobile and web-based applications that are designed to help you get ready for your next interview.

What is an

Online Mock Interview Practice?

A mock interview is a practice interview. It is a simulation of an actual interview, and its goal is to help you give your best performance during the actual thing. During the mock interview, you will have the chance to practice answering the possible questions. You will also get feedback, so you will know where to improve on the day of the interview.

Our professional career counselors will conduct these mock interviews with you. They will help you learn how to answer difficult questions and improve your communication skills. With their guidance, you can develop interview strategies to ace every job interview you encounter. Our mock interviews can be conducted in-person, on the phone or online.

Please contact us today if you need any assistance with preparing for your job interview. With our team of high-skilled career experts, we can help you practice and fine-tune your interview skills in no time. Call 888-247-3786 for a FREE consultation.