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– How to Fine-Tune Your Interview Skills

If you have an upcoming interview, polishing your skills should be on top of your list. You cannot risk failing, especially if it means getting your dream job. Our certified career coach and employment interview professional, Anita Radosevich, can help you get not just a second interview, but the job. Get in touch with us and start building your career path today.

Benefits of Hiring

Job Interview Coaching

from Career Ladders Inc.

  • Sometimes, practicing on your own is just not enough. But practicing with a professional job coach, well that’s a whole different thing. Our career coaches have years of experience and have already coached dozens and hundreds of individuals like you. They are well-trained in various employment services including HR, headhunting, resume writing, recruiting and interview coaching.
  • Our career coaches have already encountered a multitude of situations and can help you prepare for a variety of interview scenarios. There are different types of interviews – behavioral, Skype, phone, panel, etc. With our coaches’ expertise, knowledge and in-depth understanding of various companies and industries, we can help you can ace each one of them.
  • We make sure to provide a ‘no-holds-barred’ feedback on your performance every session. In that way, you will know where to improve. Aside from your interview skills, our career coach will also assess the way you present yourself, your communication skills and your demeanor. Take note of the things that your coach will tell you and observe them during your interview. Remember, if you look and sound distracted during an interview, your prospective employer will also miss the chance to see that you are the best candidate.
  • Our career coaches can also offer tips on how to dress appropriately. You must present yourself in a way that’s suited for the position you’re applying for. Dress for success, and it will be yours.
  • We can train you how to deal with troublesome interview questions. These are the questions that can make anyone feel uncomfortable. However, you can confidently answer them if you prepare and practice in advance.

One on One Interview Tips

That Always Work

When you walk in for an interview, always assume that your interviewer hasn’t read your resume yet. In most cases, they haven’t. With the hundreds of applicants that they encounter each day, they probably can’t remember everything. So mention everything about your experience and skills that are related to the job you’re seeking. If you don’t do this, you won’t get that tick on the score sheet.

Wear something during your interview that will make you stand out – it can be a tie, a brooch or a pen. This will help your prospective employer easily remember you when it’s time to recall the candidates. Make a strong first impression by simply shaking your interviewer’s hand. Also, don’t forget to smile and look him in the eye while doing it. Being pleasant even during the first few seconds of the interview can go a long way and give a positive impact.

If given a chance, ask your interviewer for feedback. Some may say that it’s not part of their procedure, but others may be more than willing to give comments. Feedback will help you determine your performance and let you know how to do better next time.

Who Needs

One on One Interview Coaching Service


Whether you’re an executive, a fresh graduate or a re-entry candidate, everyone needs to practice and prepare for an interview. No one is ever skillful enough for an interview, except for professionally trained career coaches of course. Interview coaching can help you improve your performance and increase your chance of being hired for your dream job. Practicing with our certified career coaches will help you focus and become more fluent in answering interview questions.

So if you want to learn how to feel more confident and less anxious during your job interview, get in touch with us today! We offer a FREE consultation, just call 888-247-3786.