Career Change at 35

Career Change at 35 – Starting Over Again Switching to a different career at the age of 35 sounds a little scary, don’t you think?...




How to Prepare for a Job Interview to Make Sure You Get In

Are you having jitters about an upcoming job interview? Worried that you may not do well enough to get in? Here are some tips...

How to Ace a Phone Interview If It’s Your First Time

We’re all used to doing job interviews in person. In fact, some of us have already mastered answering the questions of the hiring managers....

Job Apps Online for a Successful Job Search

With the help of technology, you can now open doors of job opportunities with only one click. All you need is a stable internet...
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Resume Styles

New and Effective Resume Styles To Try in 2017 2017 studies show that an average recruiter now takes only about 10 seconds to screen an...

Best Job Search Sites to Help You Find a Job

Technology is a significant influence in today’s everyday activities. You can search for literally anything over the internet. Gone are the days when people...

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover Letter Writing Tips That Will Get You Hired One of the biggest struggles that people who are looking for a job or switching careers...


Best Job Interview Questions to Hire the Right Candidate

Interviewers also get butterflies in their stomach when formulating questions for their interviewees. Hiring the right person is crucial to any company and if...

Steps to Writing A Resume

Career Change at 40

Career Change at 35