Corporate Outplacement Consultant

Career Transition Coaching, Resume Writing, Online Job Search Management, and Interview Coaching

PURPOSE:  Services to cover the pre-employment services furnished by Career Ladders Inc.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this service is to provide employees with written preparation for Private Sector job positions which may include career transition, resumes and applications assistance, as well as other required employment documentation. The assistance will be provided for each individual consumer through a personal interview.

Career Ladders Inc. has completed numerous services for a group of  corporations throughout the nation and is well known for having an outstanding reputation for job placement of many executives and other professionals.


Career Transition Coaching, Resume Writing, Online Job Search Management, and Interview Coaching

Career Transition Coaching, Resume Writing and Online Job Search Management

Focused on promoting the importance of proper resume development during transition and posting formats, consumer self-determination and participation in Online job searching by providing participants the tools, knowledge, and interactive experience to enhance the support of successful employment.

Preparing the consumer to gain a better understanding on how online resumes are evaluated to determine a person’s experience and fit in the organization.


Allows the consumer to be better prepared for the challenges faced with their job search.

  • Pursue the goal of consumer self-determination and career development by understanding Resume writing characteristics;
  • Identify personal strengths and obstacles when searching online for employment;
  • Understand what is needed in an online job posting.

For more information and package pricing please contact:

Anita Radosevich, President

Certified Professional Resume Writer, CPRW<
Certified Job Search Trainer, CJST
Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, CJCT


Phone:  1-888-247-3786