Best Job Search Sites to Help You Find a Job


Technology is a significant influence in today’s everyday activities. You can search for literally anything over the internet. Gone are the days when people go to the library to find answers to their homework or the local news station to check out job posts. There are a thousand of job sites available, and you can find the job of your dreams with just one click if you have the right search tools. All you need to do is type in the job you’re looking for, your location, and other necessary information. If you’re currently on a job hunt, the information below should help you big time.

Top 5 Job Websites that You Should Try

If you want to find a job that fits your skill set, personal and professional assets, experience as well as makes you feel happy and fulfilled, then don’t limit your search to just one job site. Explore different ones to pull listings from a variety of sources – which means more opportunity. Here are the most recommended job sites of today:

  • – this site has millions of job listings from thousands of websites including classified ads, company career sites, job boards, etc. It allows job applicants like you to post your resume and get a personalized resume link to share with potential employers. You can directly contact the company once you’ve found a posting that interests you.
  • – this site is one of the biggest job boards on the web. It provides job listings, resume posting, and even career advice to job applicants like you. They have partnered with 140 newspapers to incorporate their online classifieds and have secured their job postings directly from employers. On this site, you can search jobs by city, state, zip code, industry, etc. It’s easy to navigate and can even recommend jobs that you might overlook.
  • – this career community helps both job seekers and employers. They make sure that each finds the perfect match for their skills and job requirements. If you are a member, you can see the latest job postings and even access user-generated information about the company such as salary, interview questions, etc.
  • – this site connects professionals around the world and helps them become more efficient in their field. In fact, it is the largest professional network up to date. It allows you to search for job postings, identify contacts who are advertising for vacancies and spot strong candidates to fill in positions. All you need to do is create your profile and identify yourself as a ‘Job Seeker’ to start boosting your career.
  • – this site allows you to conduct a nationwide job search with over a million, verified positions from different companies. The National Association of State Workforce Agencies and Direct Employers Association have created this job site to help improve the labor market in the country.

Conducting your job search online is quick and convenient. However, it is just 10% of the effort that you should exert in this task. Career coaches recommend that you devote more time in generating leads, researching companies, and meeting people personally.

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